How to choose the appropriate mattress for me?

Appropriate mattress

The mattress is part of our day to day and specially is the support that facilitates us the rest our body needs. There is who ensures that is better a soft to a hard mattress or vice versa mattress, but the truth is that this choice depends on the physical complexion of each person. And then, how to choose the appropriate mattress for me?

Appropriate mattress

According to medical studies, we must bear in mind our weight and our height in addition to the sleep position, among other aspects.

For people with heavier weight, the mattress should be harder to avoid subsidence that may cause incorrect positions on our column, while people with less weight can choose more flexible and soft mattress.

As for the position that we adopt to sleep, we also apply the same logic to the weight, since if for example we sleep in fetal position, we will need not escessively hard mattress, so we can sink slightly our sholuder and sleep comfortably.

Regarding the choice of materials, we can only say that your experience tell us that it depends on the preferences of each person and the best this is test the different materials before to choose the appropiate mattress, considering, of course the people with any disease that may need an orthopaedical mattress.

Finally it is required to remark the second most important element to enjoy our well-earned rest; the pillow. In this case we only have to comment that the choice of the pillow should be in the line with the appropriate mattress, maintaining the balance between both.

If you don´t know which is the appropriate mattress for you, let be advised by a professional and spend the needed time to test the differences that offer each mattress materials.