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Visit our showroom

We have opted for the creation of spaces in the most emblematic mattresses shops, for you to appreciate our new collection of high range mattresses.

How to choose the appropriate mattress for me?

Appropriate mattress The mattress is part of our day to day and specially is the support that facilitates us the rest our body needs. There is who ensures that is better a soft to a hard mattress or vice versa mattress, but the truth is that this choice depends on the physical complexion of each person. And then, how to Continue Reading

Orthopaedic Mattress

The orthopaedic mattress is one of the healthiest options to get a restful sleep,

Expansion of facilities

In our effort to offer better service to our customers, we have expended our facilities.

Zaragoza furniture fair 2016

We have been in Zaragoza furniture fair 2016, introducing our new collections of MrRest and also introducing our new generation of executives.

Mister Rest by Don Almohadón presentation

New high range mattress collection Mr Rest by Don Almohadón. In our desire to achieve the excellence in mattresses

Don Almohadón Showroom in Sofia

Continuing with the international expansion of our brand, in September 2013 was inaugurated Sofía Don Almohadón showroom,

Don Almohadon introduces its new catalogue

The result of a constant work in technology, research and development, is born the new Don Almohadón catalogue,

New Medical product line

Don Almohadón launches its new MEDICAL line, specially designed for health facilities

Spanish Cruz Roja Letter of the Comunidad Valenciana

The Spanish Cruz Roja in Comunidad Valenciana, take care of 415.693 people in 2009 thanks to the support of 113.016 partners and 15.958 volunteers.

Don Almohadon builds a new mattress Factory

Don Almohadón build a new mattress factory increasing and improving its production capacity and the final finishing of the product.

Cruz Roja diploma

The day 12 of June 2009 (World day against child labour) Spanish Cruz Roja provide Don Almohadón company a diploma

New Don Almohadón Products

Don Almohadon launches its new range of products: the mattress cover SONRISAS, the fitted sheet RISAS,

Don Almohadón and Cruz Roja support the creation of a nursery in Burkina Faso

Where it’s guaranteed the education of 100 children. With everyone effort take care of more smiles.

Public project presentation between Don Almohadón and Cruz Roja (together for the children: nursery at Bobogodo)

Last Tuesday 20 of February was introduced, in the Valencia nursery Redolins, the agreement between Don Almohadón and Cruz Roja

Don Almohadón and Cruz Roja against the child labour

Three years ago Cruz Roja starts a project in Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger and Ivory Coast, with the support of the Valencian generality,